Please  know,  (As  One  Studies, You  will  find)  that  the  letter  "J"  did  not  enter  into  the  English  Alphabet  until  roughly  less than  ~ 500  years  ago,  around  the  ~   16th   Century.  It  was  the  Last  Letter  to  be  added  into  The  English  Language!    Also,  That   the   name   "Jesus" comes from the Greek name "IESOUS" - (which has a lot of controversy surrounding it!)

"IESOUS" is supposed to come from the Hebrew word/Name  - "YaHushua" / "YaHusha".

Therefore,  it  is  the  Authors  "wish"  that  you  recognize  -  "YaHushua" / "YaHusha".
(Correctly "translated" ----   [not transliterated] into English  = "Joshua") as the name intended throughout this outline, which (through research and Prayer) most accurately represents the closest name of our Messiah when He walked this earth.

The name "Jesus" comes up on some of the Modern Day Scripture links throughout this outline, and is kept do to the commonality of it's usage; but  it  is  really  considered  more of   a   mis- used   nick- name.   Each   time   you   see   that   name,   please   register
"YaHushua" / "Yahusha", (YHWH Saves / Saved) as the most appropriate name for Him.  For almost ~ 1600 years after He (The Messiah) walked the earth, he was not called "Jesus"
- (in Prayer, or anything else).

-     When  the  name  was  transliterated  from  the  Hebrew,  it  lost  it's  meaning!

Do The Research For Yourself!   (Don't Just take my word for it!)

Also, while we are speaking on the Names; it is the Authors wish that you recognize YHWH, as the name intended here (also one of the most accurate names) for Our Heavenly Father.

Shortened Version - YaH (As in Psalms 68:4),
Or in the Phrase "The  Highest  Praise Be To YaH!" - "HalleluYaH" / (Alleluia - Revelations 19)

For Outline Purposes, you might see the word "GOD", or the words  "The LORD" here; again because of the Commonality of  it's  usage!  I do Recognize HIM as The Supreme "Elohiym" (Or The Mighty "El"), and as The LORD of Lords! (Ruler/Master of Rulers/Masters).

Although no one can truly say/pronounce HIS name besides "I AM THAT I AM", or "Hayah Asher Hayah" [English-Hebrew] in (Exodus 3:14).  In (Exodus 6:3), most might actually see HIS name as JEHOVAH, or "The LORD" in most of  today's Bibles, but the word/Letters that were actually there, and Should be there now are "YHWH" called the TetragrammatonAnd Since the Letters "E", "O", "A" (vowels) were added, and the letters "J", and "V" Did Not Exist in The English Language At The Time!  I choose to use a closer name version here - "YaHuaH" or "YaHWeH" (from YHWH) - adding 0 to 2 letters (for pronunciation purposes), instead of Five!  You might see during this Outline that I chose to use either above or "YHWH" plainly many times instead of "The LORD", or "GOD" (which are plug-ins, in the Bibles that we read today).

Either way, Our Heavenly Father searches our Hearts to see what's in there.  Whether ignorant of certain things, or not, HE will search our Hearts!  The Scriptures do have a lot of emphasis on HIS Name; and The Holy Scriptures also tell us to Study to show ourselves approved...  Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth!   -------   I am striving to do that!   -------  Are you doing the same...?

For More / Deeper Understanding about HIS or His Name in Scripture:

In HIS Love,  Bro. Ron Quarterman

Still not sure how important the original language/manuscripts are?

What  just  could have been lost, when things were
"Translated" & "Transliterated" Over time?  

How close do these words look? 

Could the wrong translation have occurred,  when “man” started to translate the original Scripture / language into another/other languages?

Could  this  have  been  the  original  context  in  the  original  Scriptures???

ka,miloj, (rope, cable, / hawser  - A Thick Rope or cable for towing a boat or ship), in place of  ka,mhloj, ‘camel’

The  discussion  concerning  the  possible  alternate  use  of  “rope”  for “camel”.

"Jesus" (Yahushua - The Messiah) uses another of His tremendous hyperboles. “It is easier for a [camel] to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”  A  few  manuscripts  and
some  versions  read  ka,miloj, (large rope, cable, hawser, for boat/ship)  in  place  of
ka,mhloj, ‘camel’

Remember who He was talking to; His main disciples at that time were fishermen (Peter, Andrew, James, and John! (See Matthew 4:18-22), They, Four of His first 12 disciples - (longest time with Him), and they tended to Large Fish nets (used/mended them) made of rope, and most likely worked on Boats, or Ships for a living.

He also makes another reference in "lingo" that goes along with this, that they would understand:  "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."

Again—Camel  or  Rope  in  Matthew 19:24
IN MATTHEW 19:24  AND  MARK  10:25

The situation re the Peshitta text (which can be verified) lies in the The Aramaic word: “gmla”, which can mean  rope  or camel  according to the context  — rather like Aramaic targums. Aramaic, like primitive Hebrew, has no vowel points, so that “received” interpretations are the norm.  The Aramaic speaking and Aramaic using churches have “received” rope for this verse, and deny any knowledge or reason for reading it otherwise.

There is another, and a very attractive, suggestion. The Greek word for camel  is  kamelos;
The Greek word for a ship's hawser (thick rope)  is  kamilos.

Now it was characteristic of later Greek that the vowel sounds tended to lose their sharp distinctions and to approximate one another. In such Greek there would be hardly any discernible difference between the sound of  i  and  e;  they would both be pronounced as  ee  is in English.

Things that make you say “hmmmmmm”.    Now, it’s up to you to study for yourself!

May YHWH Bless...   (Pray, and Search For Truth!!!)

I wish you the best;    Bro. Ron Quarterman - (Striving to get the Truth Out!)

The THREE Days & THREE Nights
Review of the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of The Messiah
Good Friday - Sunrise Service/ “Easter” --  ????
Open Your Eyes & Hearts...

All Scripture!

Why was it written & How?  2 Timothy 3:16,
What are we to do with it?  2 Timothy 2:15,  profitable for?  2 Timothy 3 :16-17  And Beyond!!!

Before we Begin!  Realize that all Scripture was not written down on paper/scroll at the same time, even though they might be talking about the same events from their personal accounts of the Gospel.

Scholars say that The Apostle Matthew wrote his Gospel around c. A.D. 50.
Whereas, Luke and Mark wrote theirs around c. A.D. 60, and c. A.D. 68.

Now Let’s Begin!
John 11:9 - The Messiah quotes the hours in the day.   (12 hours during the day - lighted)
Genesis 1:5 - Gives the full Day Layout. (Also Mark 13:35; evening, midnight, cockcrow/around dawn, Morning/day).
* (Genesis 1 to Exodus 12:1 - one Calendar; from Exodus 12:2 to Revelation; GOD’s Chosen people followed another/new Calendar).
Matthew 12:39-40 - The Messiah speaks about a sign at the request of the Scribes / Pharisees.   (Sign of Jonah - 3Days/3Nights)
Let's  Talk  about  a "Special" / Important  (Annual)  Day/Time period:

Matthew 26:2 - (the feast of was added;  note the end of the verse: "the Passover, and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified.")
Mark 14:1-2 (the feast of added; note: ... "put him to death", "but not on the feast," (Spoken about here Exodus 12:6).
Luke 22:1-2 (Two Instructions merged - Passover Dinner  &  Feast of Unleavened Bread - 1st Month (14th - 21st) - Exodus 12:18).
- vs. 6 (Judas, sought opportunity to betray Him in the absence of the multitude).  That/It did happen at Gethsemane/Mt. of Olives.

Why was this day (Day After Passover) so important?
Let's look up some important verses!
For  This  Sabbath,  was  not  the  7th  Day  Sabbath
  (It was the First of  Two (2) Sabbaths, during  those  important  3Days/3Nights!)
We Have to ERASE The Mistake, so commonly taught; that there was only One (1) Sabbath during that time period.

John 19:29-31 (vs. 31 - for that Sabbath day  was an  high day (15th)/Special Sabbath - Holy Convocation - NO Servile WORK!)
Leviticus 23:4-7 / Numbers 28:16-18  (Maps out the days, and instructions  to which - The "Messiah" was well aware of!)

"The Old Testament shows the New Testament Concealed."
"The New Testament shows the Old Testament Revealed."

The Lamb of GOD!  “Slain for a Cause!”                              
Take note:    Isaiah 53:7,  John 1:29 (36),  1 Peter 1:18 (19),  The Acts 2:23 (24),  Revelation 5:6-9 (13)

Leviticus 23:5 (Passover being the 14th day of the Month).  Numbers 9:1-5, 28:16 (The next day "15th"  was  a High Sabbath!)
1 Corinthians 5:7-8 (...“Christ" [Messiah]  our Passover,  is sacrificed for usvs. 8 - Therefore, let us keep the feast, ...)

Exodus 12:5,6 (Your lamb shall be without blemishkeep - until the 14th day of the month (before it is killed).
***  The Messiah was without blemish!   He was also Crucified/gave up the Ghost on the 14th of the Month  around 2pm-3pm ***

Look up these verses!
- The Acts 10:40
- Mark 10:33-(34)
- 1 Corinthians 15:4
- Luke 18:33; and  Luke 24:7
- Matthew 20:19; and Matthew 17:23

*** What do they all say?  Yes, that He will be/was  raised  the  3rd  Day!   (No Mistake on that one, right!)

But now, the question that comes into play;  is  what  was  the Third Day?

Trying  to  get  the  answer  is  a  little  more  involved  than  most  think!

1. The only way to find that out, is to either look at a Calendar from the year that the Messiah was Crucified.
- (Keep in mind, that there are many opinions on the Calendars that have been used over the course of time).

  * Earlier, we saw in (Exodus 12:2); the Children of Israel were told to start fresh (New Year), and that  was  not  at  January!!!
   It  was/is  around  March/April (A month in the Hebrew - called Abib, or Nisan).  That was the New Year then! (and should be now)
   GOD's Word has stayed the same;  but  -  Man, Scripture and Calendars have changed much over the years!!!

  *  Not sure?  Even the Days of the week; GOD/The Bible Named them, Man changed them (dealing with other god's/planets/etc.)
Another example: The word "Easter" really comes from a Fertility goddess named "Ishtar", etc., that's why eggs are involved!
Moving on...    :-)   ---->  I won't go deep on those - (this outline!)      So, one can use the method above...(by man)

2.  One  can  look  at  Prophecy  (in  which  the  "Messiah"  came  to  fulfill).  Below, is one such Prophecy that can shed some light on things.

Daniel 9:25-(27) (Here is a Prophesy about the Specific Day The Messiah, Yahushua/Yeshua (“Jesus”) Died; causing the sacrifice and the oblation to cease!  What part of the week did it happen?   "Midst"  of  the  week!   (Halfway, or Middle of the week!)

What is the Middle of the week?   When  the  week starts with 1st Day  ("Sun-day").   You can use your fingers for this one!  :-)

* Do the Day lay out…  Map the days out!  See the Chart below!  But remember to read below the chart for Valued Information!!!

Exodus 12:3-6 (Lamb Chosen by the people = 10th / Passover = 14th of the month).
- If  the 14th  of  the  month  is  the  middle  of  the  week when  The  Messiah  -  (Our  Passover)  is  Crucified - Then it can open our eyes to a couple of things!

A Side Note:
- Think on this!  Backtrack to the 10th of the month,  when  The  Lamb  (without  blemish)  is  chosen  for  Passover.

- It just could be referenced to around the same time frame that The Messiah rides in on the colt; when the people cry “Hosanna ... : Blessed is He who cometh in the Name of The LORD” (YHWH)
*** Purpose!  They knew He dealt with Salvation! ***                                        

Matthew 21:9
*** "Hosanna" - means "oh Save!"  It was Cried out with adoration!

- Staying with this thought:
The Lamb chosen/killed, dealt with Passover of "The LORD" YHWH (Saving from Death & releasing/Separating HIS People from the one who had power over them - Pharaoh/Egypt), and The Messiah was killed pertaining to Passover also; Saving, releasing and Separating HIS People from Spiritual Death, and the one who had power over Death, that is the Devil. (1 John 3:8 / Hebrews 2:14)

- Around the time that most call, "just before Friday evening", [Mark 11:10-11] (is actually just before the beginning of the next day, according to the Bible - Sundown to Sundown). He leaves to Bethany (for the night), then The Messiah enters Jerusalem during the part we call day (Mark 11:12-15), which would be also what we call "Satur-day". During this day; Guess what?  That time frame dealt with the Sabbath (7th day of the week, the 10th day of that month).  It is the same day the scribes and chief priest sought how they might destroy Him (vs. 18) [which was attempted, and carried out on Passover/The Lamb without Blemish was killed on the 14th]  — This 10th Day, is also the day that He goes into the temple and drives those that sold and bought - out of the temple.  Make sense now?  Not only was it to be a house of Prayer...   But the Sabbath, was sanctified / made Holy by His Father!  I can understand now, why The Messiah was so mad!  Either way, The Sabbath holds significant value...  He (The Messiah) didn't forget about it, do we?  (Isaiah 56:1-7)

*** People/merchants also came to Jerusalem for the wrong purposeto sell merchandise for the Annual Feast celebration. 
*** People came from all over; "Money-Changers" can deal with exact amounts, but can also exchange to the local currency.
*** Let a Mega Fest come to town, and you will find people also coming to town to profit from the event:
--  Selling T-shirts, underground/bootleg copies of stuff, scalped tickets, etc.,  --   Primary Goal: to make money!  

Back on Track:  Passover = 14th of the month (Middle of the week= 4th Day), Feast of Unleavened Bread=15th (High Sabbath).
- We know, (The Messiah) was raised 3 Days later/The 3rd Day would be the Regular Sabbath/7th Day of the week), It brings us to:

Leviticus 23:9-12 (first fruits/He Lamb without  blemish. --  Offered  the  day  after  the  Sabbath to "The LORD" (YHWH).
John 20:16-17 (Day after the Sabbath) - First  Fruits  of  the  dead - Yahushua/Yahshua “Jesus” (presented to GOD His Father).
1 Corinthians 15:20-(23)-26 First Fruits of the dead....  The  Messiah  was  the  First  Fruits  of  them  that  slept!
Revelations 5:1-6 (resurrected Yahushua/Yahshua/”Jesus”) - Slain  Lamb,  our  Redeemer (vs. 9)
Ezekiel 44:1-3 (many believe that this gate symbolizes the grave, and the Prince symbolizes the Son of GOD)
Ezekiel 46:1 (Sabbath) - The gate shall be opened on the Sabbath!   This  could  be  reflective  of  Resurrection!!!

Here is something else to think about:

Genesis 1:11-13 (King James version reads - The tree yielding fruit (having seed in itself) after his kind, Third Day!)
- Coincidence, maybe?  But it’s interesting, that the seed has to die - (Death), and drop into the ground - (burial) to bring forth life -
(Resurrection), and after this verse (or the next day), there is another separation (Dividing the light from the darkness).  (vs. 16-18).  Life by the Son of GOD, creates separation from non-believers (1 John 1:5-7).  No-one comes to the Father, but by the Son (and what he did) - For  those  that  would  believe  and  receive  it  -  Then  it  is  for  us  to  strive  to  do  The  Father's  will!

Here is something else that one might not know...
**** The Word "Sabbath" and The Word "week" in the following verse  ARE  THE  SAME  WORD!

- ALSO,  In The Bible:  Any Word that is slanted (Italicized) was not there in the original Scriptures!
---  Food for Thought!  ---

Matthew 28:1 (The word day was added!The word “week”, in the Greek is “Sabbaton” and actually deals with the Sabbath, or (interval from Sabbath to Sabbath).  But  they  are  the  exact  "same  word  in  both  cases!"
****  This verse could have much stronger meaning, when one knows the significance the Sabbatons play -- before Pentecost!

****  Again, The  Word  "Sabbath"  and  the  word  "Week"  here  are  the  Exact  same  word!!!

  Mark 16:2 (the word day” is added!) - The word “week” here, is “Sabbaton” - (The word "Sabbath" = "Sabbaton")
  Luke 24:1,6-7 (the word day” is added!) - The word “week” here, is “Sabbaton” - (The word Sabbath = Sabbaton")
  John 20:1 (the word day” is added!) - The word “week” here, is “Sabbaton” - (The word "Sabbath" = "Sabbaton")

Leviticus 23:15-17 (This is dealing with Pentecost!)  After the He Lamb (without blemish is offered - which is the day after the Sabbath),Seven consecutive "Sabbatons" / Sabbaths, are to pass!  (7 x 7 = 49 + 1 = 50 = Pentecost!)
* The Exact amount of time between the resurrection of the Messiah, and the formation of the Church at Pentecost!

Coincidence, maybe?  You be the judge in how you read the Scripture.  {I would ask The Holy Spirit to help though!}



So, here we have it: The Messiah rides in just before the Sabbath, [then comes back on The Sabbath], (4) days later He becomes Our Passover, (3) Days later He is Risen towards the end of the Normal 7th Day Sabbath, and then the next day after the Sabbath, He is offered to His/Our Father in Heaven, for what we regard as the First Fruits of the Dead, and then Seven Sabbaths - plus the one Day later (just like the Sheave offering/First Fruits offering to The Father in (Leviticus 23:9-16) we get Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit is given abroad to those that followed after Him (And His Church begins).

Now, all we have to do (after we are born again, is Trust, Love,  and  Obey..., then endure until the end!)

Review...  Pray,  and  Seek Truth!!!   By The Holy Spirit!!!  
John 8:31-32Continue  in His Word (to be His disciple!)  Then, Comes the part about knowing the "Truth"  -  to set you free!
In addition to the above verse, remember the opening lines of this outline!   About Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:15  for  2 Timothy 3:16

Be Blessed!!!!
From the Heart!

Bro. Ron Quarterman
1(800) 295 - 0364
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Church of The Firstborn
                                                                                                                                                                   - Hebrews 12:23
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What can a simple Comma do?
Also Remember: Back then, they Read/Wrote from Right to Left in the Scrolls (Not Left to Right, as we do in North America).  They also had a completely Different Language, with Different Letters, Different Characters,  forming  different  word phrases/word patterns/words!!!  And Ultimately Different Grammar!
*** Below, are just a couple of different ways one verse can be seen. ***

  Keep in mind; The Two earliest Scripture Manuscripts (Sinaiticus and Vaticanus) don't even have this verse in it!
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