Church of The Firstborn
(Hebrews 12:23)
- Not Bound By Walls...  But Rather,
- Spirits of Just Men Made Perfect
The Scriptures say for us to do in Secret, and be rewarded Openly.   (Matthew 6:2-4)

Thousands of People know in Private - what I have been led to do for them In Secret all these year - for HIS Kingdom's Sake!  I do not strive to sound a horn or a trumpet to my past deeds, nor shall I strive to sound one for my future deeds - hopefully!
* Deeds that we should be doing anyway (when able) for HIS Glory.

Our Heavenly Father Knows Our Heart!  And This Should Be Enough for US!
(It is enough for me!)
I Post the Below, only for those that do not personally know me, to know my Heart!  Even as I type this, I am somewhat ashamed.  It is not my intent to brag or puff myself up before men.  For I am yet only a humble Servant of The Most High GOD (El).  My Heart was Pricked a few years ago, when I saw the need of the people & the need of an unfinished hopeful dream (regarding the church building).  As you can see, there is still a lot more that needs to be done! 
Why not be a blessing; The blessing (if able) that you can, and ought to be!
Years Later!
It has taken Many Years to establish this!
  In The US, this could have been done in a matter of Days!

Will You Please Help!
When I first saw it, a few years ago!
After Years of laying dormant, work begins again!