Please  know,  (As  One  Studies, You  will  find)  that  the  letter  "J"  did  not  enter  into  the  English  Alphabet  until  roughly  less than  ~ 500  years  ago,  around  the  ~   16th   Century.  It  was  the  Last  Letter  to  be  added  into  The  English  Language!    Also,  That   the   name   "Jesus" comes from the Greek name "IESOUS" - (which has a lot of controversy surrounding it!)

"IESOUS" is supposed to come from the Hebrew word/Name  - "YaHushua" / "YaHusha".

Therefore,  it  is  the  Authors  "wish"  that  you  recognize  -  "YaHushua" / "YaHusha".
(Correctly "translated" ----   [not transliterated] into English  = "Joshua") as the name intended throughout this outline, which (through research and Prayer) most accurately represents the closest name of our Messiah when He walked this earth.

The name "Jesus" comes up on some of the Modern Day Scripture links throughout this outline, and is kept do to the commonality of it's usage; but  it  is  really  considered  more of   a   mis- used   nick- name.   Each   time   you   see   that   name,   please   register
"YaHushua" / "Yahusha", (YHWH Saves / Saved) as the most appropriate name for Him.  For almost ~ 1600 years after He (The Messiah) walked the earth, he was not called "Jesus"
- (in Prayer, or anything else).

-     When  the  name  was  transliterated  from  the  Hebrew,  it  lost  it's  meaning!

Do The Research For Yourself!   (Don't Just take my word for it!)

Also, while we are speaking on the Names; it is the Authors wish that you recognize YHWH, as the name intended here (also one of the most accurate names) for Our Heavenly Father.

Shortened Version - YaH (As in Psalms 68:4),
Or in the Phrase "The  Highest  Praise Be To YaH!" - "HalleluYaH" / (Alleluia - Revelations 19)

For Outline Purposes, you might see the word "GOD", or the words  "The LORD" here; again because of the Commonality of  it's  usage!  I do Recognize HIM as The Supreme "Elohiym" (Or The Mighty "El"), and as The LORD of Lords! (Ruler/Master of Rulers/Masters).

Although no one can truly say/pronounce HIS name besides "I AM THAT I AM", or "Hayah Asher Hayah" [English-Hebrew] in (Exodus 3:14).  In (Exodus 6:3), most might actually see HIS name as JEHOVAH, or "The LORD" in most of  today's Bibles, but the word/Letters that were actually there, and Should be there now are "YHWH" called the TetragrammatonAnd Since the Letters "E", "O", "A" (vowels) were added, and the letters "J", and "V" Did Not Exist in The English Language At The Time!  I choose to use a closer name version here - "YaHuaH" or "YaHWeH" (from YHWH) - adding 0 to 2 letters (for pronunciation purposes), instead of Five!  You might see during this Outline that I chose to use either above or "YHWH" plainly many times instead of "The LORD", or "GOD" (which are plug-ins, in the Bibles that we read today).

Either way, Our Heavenly Father searches our Hearts to see what's in there.  Whether ignorant of certain things, or not, HE will search our Hearts!  The Scriptures do have a lot of emphasis on HIS Name; and The Holy Scriptures also tell us to Study to show ourselves approved...  Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth!   -------   I am striving to do that!   -------  Are you doing the same...?

For More / Deeper Understanding about HIS or His Name in Scripture:

In HIS Love,  Bro. Ron Quarterman

The  Ten  Commandments
“Are they still in effect?”
Hmmmmm?     Thus The Topic Begins >     Law   vs.  Grace?

Let’s  take  a  look  at  a  couple  of  things  before  we  make  any  decisions!  OK!
Try  to  have  an  Open  Mind  -  with  a  Clean  Slate!  I know that you have learned/heard a lot prior to coming to this Read.
Let's Do The following, Before  we  start!
Please Pray for Truth, And The Understanding of That Truth!

**  Put your thinking caps on, because there will be a series of statements that you might never have heard before! **
There will also be a series of questions that All Believers should be able to answer!
If Not Before...  You Will Be Able To - After!  ;-)

~~  Let's Begin!  ~~

The  Ten  Commandments   are  the   ONLY  Thing   -   (Throughout  the  WHOLE  Bible),   *  from what I see!

  Where This  Phrase  Applies!    ->   "Written  with  the  finger  of  GOD!"

* It  is  also  one  of  the  only  times  that  we  See   Our   Heavenly   Father    Speak   Audibly   “HIM-SELF”,
(This being done without  using  The  Messiah,  Moses, The  Prophets,  The  Apostles,  A  Donkey / other.)
And,  it  was  at  This  Time,  That  "HE"   GAVE   (Teachings)  /  INSTRUCTIONS!

>>>>>   (Exodus 24:12, Deuteronomy 4:10-13, 9:10)   <<<<<

Note:  This  was  to  a  Mass  Group  of  People - For A Reason!  Never Again do we see this happen in Scripture!
Even After Moses broke the tablets of stone with YHWH's Covenant on it.  YHWH was merciful and wrote on new ones!
HE wanted HIS Teachings to be knownthen rememberedwhile being  taught to future generations!
(Exodus 20:1-17)   —   COMMANDMENTS   —   (Deuteronomy 10:2, 4)
Let me, at this time - pose / ask this Question:

In  The  Scriptures,  What  comes  after  -  “... Man  shall  not  live  by  bread  alone ...”  ?
      See:  (Matthew 4:4)   &  (Some  versions  of  Luke 4:4)  ->  Which Was Quoted From;
***   Deuteronomy 8:3  ***
After Reviewing These Scriptures
* You Should Now Know The Answer! *
      (The Words Were Spoken with Direction for a Purpose  ---  Deuteronomy 4:36Exodus 20:18-22)

Here's the Answer from the above Question:
(Below is the part that I left out, or the rest of the verse!)
* "But  By  EVERY   Word  -  That  Proceedeth  Out  Of  The  Mouth  Of  GOD  /  ("The LORD" [YHWH])
>>>>>    Doth  Man  Live!"    <<<<<
This talks about "True" (Everlasting)  Life!
This will Guide The Rest of Our Reading!

Now that we know where the Phrase Originates from in Scripture!  Take a look at the Verse that Proceeds it!

(Deuteronomy 8:2)
2.  And  you  shall  remember  that  the  LORD  your  GOD  led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness,
to  humble  you  and  test  you,   to  know  what  was  in  your  Heart, 
whether  you  would  keep  HIS  Commandments       or  not.


Now, As we recognize the Above, one might ask:

Does it only Apply to The Children of Israel back then?
--  To Get a Hint, One Could See:  Romans 9:4-6  ( Regarding the Answer! )


Does it only Apply to the Jews of the Old Testament (Before The Cross)?
--  What did The Apostle Paul Write Pertaining To The Jews?  Take a Look!   Romans 2:28-29   --   Hmmmmm   ;-)

The Answer to Both Questions is:  "NO"
HIS Commandments were intended for all of HIS People!
Are You One of Them?
We Will Dig Deeper into this Answer as you continue this Read!
Here is another Question:
What  Did   [what some sayThe  WISEST   MAN  To  Ever  Live (Besides The Messiah),  Conclude his Teachings with?
* This Important statement sums up  his   many   Wisdom  Teachings / writings - that we should be learning from! *
Hint:  It is at the end of the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes!
Let’s  Take  a  Look!

(Ecclesiastes  12:13-14)

Verse 13 -  Let   us  hear  The  conclusion  of  the  whole  matter:
               Fear  God,  And  keep  (HIS)  commandments:  For This  is  the  whole  duty  of  man.

Verse 14 - For  God  shall  bring  every  work  into  judgment,  with  every  secret  thing, whether  it  be  good,  or  whether  it  be  evil.


As we now have our Scriptural/Information juices flowing...
Let’s  Think  about  this  one  also!!!  (This  is  Something   that  "MOST"   Christian  Churches still quote!)
>>>  Try to fill in the blank below!  <<<

Most  have  heard  this  saying:

          MY  People    Perish   For  ___________________________________________:”

* Some  have  even  used  the  Biblical  Verse  (Hosea 4:6)  where that  saying  comes  from!

The Missing part, which is the Answer to filling in the above blank / Question is:  "Lack  of  knowledge:"

But  How  Many  have  ever  heard  the  remainder  of  that  verse  “Preached”?

Here Is The Remainder of the Verse:                                                                                                                                           
“ .....  because  thou  hast  rejected  knowledgeI  will  also  reject  thee,  that  thou  shalt  be  no  priest  to  ME:
Seeing   thou   hast   Forgotten   The   Law   of   Thy   GOD,   I  will  also  forget  thy  children.”
* Now, how many generations do you think will survive when the children are cut off?
  The Majority of  preachers  that  I  have  heard (TV/Other);  Simply don't seem to focus  on  that  part!  :-(


As you can see from just a few Questions/Answers; there are things that we have taken for granted (because of lack of information).

It's  Now  Time  To  Get  a  Better  Understanding  of  some  things!
Let's Take The Next Step; So we can continue to grow for the better!

       If  You Are Willing,   And  Ready!  ;-)


Church of The Firstborn
                                                         - Hebrews 12:23
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May Our Heavenly Father Give HIS Blessing!
(Ecclesiastes  12:13-14)
Verse 13 -  Let   us  hear   The  conclusion  of  the  whole  matter:
                     Fear  GOD,
               And  keep  HIS  Commandments:
               For This  is  the  whole  duty  of  man.

Verse 14 -  For  GOD  shall  bring  every  work  into  judgment,  with  every  secret  thing,
                 whether  it  be  goodor  whether  it  be  evil.

Let’s  take  a  look  at  a  couple  of  things  before  we  make  any  decisions!  OK!
I know that there are various teachings on this topic;  But  try  to  have  an  Open  Mind  -  with  a  Clean  Slate!

So  Let's  Do  The  following,  "Before  we  start!"
Please  Pray  For  Truth,  As Well  As  The  Understanding  Of  That  Truth!

Put your thinking caps on, because there will be a series of statements that you simply might never have heard before!  *

There will also be a series of questions that All Believers should be able to answer!
What  About  You?    Will  You  Be  Able  To  Correctly  Answer  Them?    Let's  Find  Out!

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