Please  know,  (As  One  Studies, You  will  find)  that  the  letter  "J"  did  not  enter  into  the  English  Alphabet  until  roughly  less than  ~ 500  years  ago,  around  the  ~   16th   Century.  It  was  the  Last  Letter  to  be  added  into  The  English  Language!    Also,  That   the   name   "Jesus" comes from the Greek name "IESOUS" - (which has a lot of controversy surrounding it!)

"IESOUS" is supposed to come from the Hebrew word/Name  - "YaHushua" / "YaHusha".

Therefore,  it  is  the  Authors  "wish"  that  you  recognize  -  "YaHushua" / "YaHusha".
(Correctly "translated" ----   [not transliterated] into English  = "Joshua") as the name intended throughout this outline, which (through research and Prayer) most accurately represents the closest name of our Messiah when He walked this earth.

The name "Jesus" comes up on some of the Modern Day Scripture links throughout this outline, and is kept do to the commonality of it's usage; but  it  is  really  considered  more of   a   mis- used   nick- name.   Each   time   you   see   that   name,   please   register
"YaHushua" / "Yahusha", (YHWH Saves / Saved) as the most appropriate name for Him.  For almost ~ 1600 years after He (The Messiah) walked the earth, he was not called "Jesus"
- (in Prayer, or anything else).

-     When  the  name  was  transliterated  from  the  Hebrew,  it  lost  it's  meaning!

Do The Research For Yourself!   (Don't Just take my word for it!)

Also, while we are speaking on the Names; it is the Authors wish that you recognize YHWH, as the name intended here (also one of the most accurate names) for Our Heavenly Father.

Shortened Version - YaH (As in Psalms 68:4),
Or in the Phrase "The  Highest  Praise Be To YaH!" - "HalleluYaH" / (Alleluia - Revelations 19)

For Outline Purposes, you might see the word "GOD", or the words  "The LORD" here; again because of the Commonality of  it's  usage!  I do Recognize HIM as The Supreme "Elohiym" (Or The Mighty "El"), and as The LORD of Lords! (Ruler/Master of Rulers/Masters).

Although no one can truly say/pronounce HIS name besides "I AM THAT I AM", or "Hayah Asher Hayah" [English-Hebrew] in (Exodus 3:14).  In (Exodus 6:3), most might actually see HIS name as JEHOVAH, or "The LORD" in most of  today's Bibles, but the word/Letters that were actually there, and Should be there now are "YHWH" called the TetragrammatonAnd Since the Letters "E", "O", "A" (vowels) were added, and the letters "J", and "V" Did Not Exist in The English Language At The Time!  I choose to use a closer name version here - "YaHuaH" or "YaHWeH" (from YHWH) - adding 0 to 2 letters (for pronunciation purposes), instead of Five!  You might see during this Outline that I chose to use either above or "YHWH" plainly many times instead of "The LORD", or "GOD" (which are plug-ins, in the Bibles that we read today).

Either way, Our Heavenly Father searches our Hearts to see what's in there.  Whether ignorant of certain things, or not, HE will search our Hearts!  The Scriptures do have a lot of emphasis on HIS Name; and The Holy Scriptures also tell us to Study to show ourselves approved...  Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth!   -------   I am striving to do that!   -------  Are you doing the same...?

For More / Deeper Understanding about HIS or His Name in Scripture:

In HIS Love,  Bro. Ron Quarterman
Biblical Scriptures Pertaining to
the Tithe(s) / Or to "Tithing"

  This  Page!    A  Quick  Look  at  The  Facts!!!  

--   "Old"  Testament/Covenant Scriptures   --
In Order, Directly / Indirectly Related  to "Tithes"

             Tithe/Tithes/Tithing:    (Taking  OR  Giving  A  Tenth!  ~  10%)

Let's  Step  through  The  Scriptures   --  "Know  For  Yourself!"       

Genesis 14:11-24 (20)     What  is  the  FULL  Story  there?
   Did  Abraham  keep  Any?  ----   was  it  90%?  ----  The Answer is  "NO"

A Little Different from Modern Day Thinking of Tithes!
(Stick around, you will learn more differences!)
>>  Know This!  <<
     **  (He  Returned  ALL,
                                                       except  what  the  men  had  eaten,
                                                                       and  what  they  already  had  with  them!)

* According To Scripture, We Only See Abraham  have an encounter with The King of Salem "One Time" - in his whole Life!
The King of Salem (Type of Christ/Interpreted "King of Peace") helped those after a just cause, that had need; those that were tired/war stricken (from travel, fighting/killing, transporting of goods/people for Days & possible Weeks).  These were servants/noble men that were willing to give their life to Right - the wrong that was done!  Yes, He was the Priest of the Most High GOD (El),  &  He gave Bread & Wine to them, a forshadowing of Messiah's actions  -  (Matthew 26:26-29).

We  "never"  see  Abraham  Tithe  (give a Tenth) Again!         We (Honestly) don't know  if  he ever did again!?
We Don't Know  if he ever had an encounter with The King of Salem (later JeruSalem) - High Priest again?

That One Time, Abraham  Showed his Appreciation to the King of Salem, by giving a Tenth of the spoils to him!
This happened "after" he and his people were given aid by the caring  King  which  had  blessed  them!

(His  Heart  was  to  save  Lot;  but  -  also to help the people!)
He (Abraham) Lived to around 175 Years Old
(and Note that he had other encounters with The LORD! -> YHWH)
* But Also Take Note:  The Bible Doesn't show that he taught his children (Ishmael or Isaac), or any others to tithe!
Nor, does it show that he ever did it again!

Genesis 28:16-22 (22)      Jacob  made   a  vow  with  conditions  to  it.
If One has eyes to see, it was something like this:  [If you... / Then I...]  (verse 20)...
           (This  was  of  Jacob / Himself  -  (Not  Command / Law  at  that  time),
                                                                           Asking The LORD (YHWH) to keep him on his journey!
We will Also See Another Way that Man can & has Given To, or Given Back To Our King in Glory  (Matthew 25:34-40)

* The # 10 (even 1 tenth) is  used throughout the Bible  in Various  situations  &  circumstances!  NOT just with Tithes!


Let's Understand what GOD Really Wants from us!

Exodus  24:12    Moses was told why he should come up to the Mount!   -->   (LAW / Commandments!)

Exodus  25:1-2   What  was  the  Very  First  Thing   The  LORD  (YHWH)  Instructed?

                 (Take  from
                             those  that  Give
                                                   --   "Willingly"   --
                                                                            from  the  heart...)

                    Verse 8  -  Tells us why HE spoke this!                         The LORD (YHWH's) First Requested Sanctuary

  (Voluntary  Offering!)
No Percentage Mentioned!

Exodus  28:1    Who is / "was" chosen to hold the Priest's Office?  (Back Then!)

Exodus  28:30   Aaron (at that time)  shall  bear  the  Judgment  of  the  Children  of  Israel...  (before "The LORD")
  Aaron  doesn't  do it anymore!        (Who does it now?)         Something Changed!
                                                                                      Keep Reading!


Leviticus 27:30,31,32   Reflects back on the Commandments to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

(Tithe of the LandTithe of the Herdor of the Flockof whatsoever passes under the rod)

The "Tenth"  shall be Holy unto (YHWH) The LORD!

What happened if that person was not blessed with 10, and only had 8?

How was the Tenth given?          Did that person have to tithe on the 8 (or a lessor #) ?
Do Most Modern Day Churches EVER mention a person's option of Redeeming their Tithe / or even a Process for that?
And  "HOW" was  it  to  be  Holy  To  (YHWH) The  LORD?  (Regarding this possible food/other; there are many views!)
Keep Reading!

In The Book of Numbers, We See something happening with the Priesthood (also Special emphasis regarding Tithes)

Numbers 18:20   Aaron/children  of  Levi  will  have  No  Inheritanceexcept  what  (YHWH) The  LORD  gives...

                    (What  was  given to  Aaron / the  Children  of  Levi?)

Numbers 18:21   All  the "tenth"  in  Israel  for  an  inheritance,  for their service...

Numbers 18:22   Children of Israel  not allowed  to come near the tabernacle...  (Not so,  Now!)   Keep Reading!

Numbers 18:23   The Levites (Levitical Priest's)  are  to  bear  the  iniquity  of  the  Children  of  Israel.

    *  Statute (Ordinance - Law)  forever    -- >    throughout   "your"   generations,        

             Is  that  done  Today?   Are  there  any  Levitical  Priest  Today?   NO!  

             Our  Iniquities...,  now?   (They are Handled/bore Another way/ by SomeOne Esle!)  -  See  ISAIAH 53:5

** We can also see an Evidences of change in (Hebrews 7:11-12  -  or Just look at Hebrews 3:1)   Have Your Eyes Open!

Back to Numbers Chapter 18
Numbers 18:24   The  Tithes...,  (YHWH) The  LORD  gives  to  the  Levites  to  inherit!       (To Survive!)
     (Read the rest of the Chapter for more, like Verse 31Instructed  to  Eat  the  Tithe!)

* Keep "Alert" Levels Up!  -  Please Pay Attention to this Section Also!

Deuteronomy 12:10-19   WowWho  actually  get's / "Eats"  the Tithe  here?   Everyone!

Deuteronomy 14:22-29   Again,  this  takes  a  different  look  at  the  act  of  Tithing.

(One Big Party!!!)  -  "To Celebrate" - What The LORD (YHWH) has/had done for them!     

And  Yes,  you  see   there  was  Money  back  then! 

**  (Actually The "Only Time" in Scripture Tithe was associated with Money!)  **

                      (Verse 25)  -------->           used  for  what?   ----->        Whatsoever...   (v 26) * (In Righteous Celebration)

              (Verse 22),  if  there  was  NO  Increase in the field that year?
                                                                   Was one required to Tithe that Year?  NO!

                     (Verse 29),  Is  very  important  to  understand  --  as  you  continue  reading  on.

Providing  for  those  in  need!  -  Setting  up  a  Pattern  for  our  Hearts  in  giving!   See  tale  end  of  Verse!

* See (Deuteronomy 15:7-15) - It  Shows  a  pattern  how YHWH thy GOD (Elohim)  wants  our  Hearts  to  be  in  giving.
Looking  out  for  others  (in  need!)

Deuteronomy 26  (whole Chapter)    Verse 12   tells   us   the    3rd  Year  is  the  Year  of  Tithing!
  (Who  is  the  Tithe  given  to?    Levites,   Strangers,   Fatherless,   and  widows;  "to Eat!")
          **  YHWH  thy  GOD (Elohim)  wanted  those  in  need,  to  be  cared  for!  **


2 Chronicles 31:2-21   Pay  attention  to  verse 10  ("We  had  enough  to  eat!").

         What  was  the  Tithe  of?
                          (Some say the Storehouse originated here, because of the abundance!)


Nehemiah 10:32, 37-39, In 12:44  (We  see  there  is  a  difference,  ---> "offerings,  /  First fruits,  /  and   Tithes")

In Chapter 13:10-12  (we see that portions to the Levites were NOT given to them (foods)).  Nehemiah 10:37


Amos (4:4-),  Again  we  see  a   3 Year   Tithe.


Malachi  (whole Book)    There is  never  a mention  "of  NOT"  giving  their 10%!   {Or  Money!}

                      (It  dealt  Mainly  with   Foods / Defiled  Sacrifices  &  Service!  
                                                                            Polluted  Bread  (Sick AnimalsBlind  Animalslame...,)

**********     10% could have been given,  just  a  Bad  10%! **********

It  dealt  with the People (but Mainly The Priest's)

"Their  Hearts"   were  Not  Right  ->  in Their Service/Giving!


You Just Took A Glimpse / Look At
Every  Old Testament  Scripture Verse  Dealing with Tithing!
In The Bible!

They  Mainly  Dealt  with  Foods/SacrificeFor  Those  That  Were  In  Need!
YHWH / GOD  Had  A  Way  Of  Looking  Out  For  Those  In  Need!
But  It  Became  Corrupted...

>>>>>>>>>>>   The  Heart  Of  The  Problem,  Was  The  People's  Hearts!   <<<<<<<<<<<
The  Enemy   -->   [the devil]   was  at  work,  even  back  then!

Now,   Let's See What It Takes To Fix That Problem!

What  Did   YHWH / Elohim "GOD"   Choose  To  Do?

Come And Learn More Truth!!!

What Does The Rest Of The Bible Have To Teach Us About The Topic!

Venture  on  to  the  New  Testament/Covenant!

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