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A Deeper Look
"And Truth"
It's Time we do a Comparison!

What do most say about Tongues?
And, More Importantly
What do the Scriptures say about Tongues?

Let's Find Out!!!
So,  The Question:  What does man say,    and    what does  GOD's Inspired Scriptures Say?

Other Tongues, Unknown  Tongues,  &  New Tongues

Here is What Man  Says: (For the Most part, in certain Denominations / certain Teachings).

1.    Speaking in an Unknown Tongue, is the best way to speak to GOD, because it is "The" Heavenly Language.  (?)

2.    The Sign for being baptized (or filled) - with The Holy Spirit,  is  to  speak in an Unknown Tongue.
* Some Churches / Denominations  say  that you  don't  have The Holy Spirit unless  you speak in an Unknown Tongue.  (?)

3.    If you do not speak in an Unknown Tongue,  you  do not have full Salvation.  (?)

4.    When you speak in an Unknown Tongue, the Devil/Satan and  his  demons  can not  understand you.  (?)

5.    That the Apostles spoke in Unknown Tongues (to communicate to others) on the day of Pentacost.  (?)

6.    That it is THE sign of a believer / follower of Christ [Messiah] to speak in Unknown Tongues.  (?)

7.    The church can have  everyone  to speak in an Unknown Tongue (at the same time,  Out Loud), -  with  No Interpreter. (?)

8.    That we are to Pray over others in an Unknown Tongue.  (?)

9.    That people on TV (in Ministry) can speak in an Audible Unknown Tongue - without an Interpreter, whenever they feel like it! (?)

11.  That people speak in an Unknown Tongue when we don't know what to say ourselves, because The Holy Spirit helps our infirmities.

Now Let's Look at some Facts! - (What do The Scriptures Say?)

First, we have to start by looking at the two most common words  --  "Unknown"  &  "Tongue".

The  Second  word "Tongue" is  pretty  easy!   It's  Primary  definition  means:  "Language".

The  word  "Unknown"  in  the  Bible / Inspired  Holy Scriptures,  is  not  so  easy  to  define!   Please  Pay  attention!

1.  The word "Unknown" appears in the Bible Nine (9) Times (using the King James Bible as a reference).
2.  Six (6) of the Nine (9) Times  -  are in reference to Tongues!
3.  And - >  Six (6) of the Nine (9) Times  -  the word "Unknown" appears;  It was not  in  the  Original  Holy  Scriptures!
4.  Each of those Six (6) Timesit dealt with Tongues!  - the word  "Unknown"  was  added  by  man,  regarding  Tongues!!!)
The following verses  (1 Corinthians  14:24131419& 27) - The  word  "unknown"  -   Was  - Added - By Man!

* Any Word  in  the  Bible  that  is  slanted (Italicized), -  WAS  NOT  in  the  Original  Scriptures!!!
It was Added by Man (after the fact),  again  (Not in the Original Scriptures!!!)

Now, Let's Move on!

There are THREE Words in the Bible "that mainly" describe what most Churches / Pastors might teach regarding Speaking in Tongues!

* We have already Dismissed & Learned that the word "Unknown" (when dealing with Tongues) was not in the Original Holy Scriptures!

The Other Two Words regarding speaking in Tongues  ("Other" &  "New") will reveal themselves as this outline goes on!

Let's take a closer look at them!

The word "Other" with regard to Tongues mainly is known from the book of  The Acts.

The word "New" with regard to Tongues is known from the book / Gospel of Mark.

More To Come, as we Research and Unveil  -  GOD's True Heavenly Language!      ;-)


For those out on "Friendster"/Other.  The Scripture verses below, have significant value when researching the Topic of Speaking in Tongues.  I Pray, that I will be able to complete this outline in a short amount of time (YHWH Willing!)

Until then, Please reference the verses below, using:  or your own method/Bible.

In Our Heavenly Fathers Love,


Bro. Ron Quarterman


* Exodus 4:12 (Be with thy Mouth, and teach what to say)
Exodus 4:15 (Both)
Numbers 22:38 (GOD Putteth in my mouth, that shall I speak.)
* Numbers 30:2  Mouth (Do what you say)
* Numbers 32:24 Mouth (Do what you say)
Numbers 35:30 (False Witness) / Deuteronomy 17:6 (Mouth of 2 or 3 witness/Death)
Deuteronomy 18:18 (Prophet raised up, that will have words put in His mouth)
Deuteronomy 23:23  (Perform your vows unto YHWH, Do what You Say!)
Deuteronomy 30:14 (Mouth & Heart)
Joshua 1:8 (Book of the Law, not to depart out of thy mouth)
1 Samuel 2:3 (Arrogance of the Mouth)
1 Kings 17:24 (word of the LORD in thy mouth is Truth)
Job 5:15
Job 5:16
Job 15:5-6  (Iniquity/mouth, mouth condemeth)
Job 22:22
* Job 23:11-12
Job 31:30
Job 40:4
*Psalms 5:9 (wickedness in the heart/mouth)
Psalms 36:3-5
* Psalms 141:3

2 Samuel 23:2 (Spirit word - Tongue)
Psalms 5:9
Psalms 10:6-7
Psalms 12:2
*Psalms 15:2
*Psalms 17:3 (Need to be like this!)
*Psalms 19:14 (words of my mouth, be Accetable)
Psalms 28:3
*Psalms 34:13
*Psalms 37:30 (31)  Mouth of the righteous/The Law of his GOD is in his heart!
Psalms 39:1
*Psalms 40:4  (Blessed is the man...)
*Psalms 49:3
Psalms 50:19
Psalms 52:2-5  (Tongue deviseth mischief, love evil more than good)
Psalms 58:3 (Lies, wicked
Psalms 59:12 (Lying)
Psalms 62:4 (Lies, Inward)
Psalms 63:11
Psalms 71:15-17
Psalms 71:24 (... Righteousness)
Psalms 73:8-9
* Psalms 78:36-37  (Heart)
Psalms 106:33 (Anger)
Psalms 107:42
* Psalms 119:172
Proverbs 4:24 (lips)
* Proverbs 6:2
- Proverbs 6:12
* Proverbs 6:16-19 (Things that YHWH hates)
* Proverbs 8:7
- Proverbs 8:13
* Proverbs 10:32
** Proverbs 13:5 (Righteous hate lying)
* Proverbs 14:3
* Proverbs 14:5 (lies)
* Proverbs 15:2 (tongue of the wise)
* Proverbs 15:4 (tongue - tree of life)
Proverbs 15:7
* Proverbs 15:28 (Heart / Answer)
** Proverbs 16:1
** Proverbs 16:23
Proverbs 17:3-5
-Proverbs 18:7
* Proverbs 18:21
Proverbs 19:9
Proverbs 19:28
* Proverbs 21:23
Proverbs 26:24, 25, 28
* Proverbs 31:9 (what we should do)
*** Isaiah 29:13
Isaiah 53:9 (no deceit)
Isaiah 55:11
** Isaiah 59:21
Jeremiah 9:8 (Deceit)
* Malachi 2:6

** Matthew 12:34-37  (abundance of the Heart)
* Matthew 15:8, 11, 18-19 (out of the mouth)
* Luke 6:45
Romans 3:10-19
Romans 10:8-10
* 1 Corinthians 15:33
Ephesians 3:17
* Ephesians 4:25
* Ephesians 4:29 / 31  (6:19)
** Colossians 3:8-10
* Colossians 4:6  (Matthew 5:13)
* James 3:2
* James 3:6 / 8
1 Peter 2:1
* 1 Peter 3:10
Jude 1:16
Revelation 2:16
Revelation 21:8, 27
Revelation 22:15

"Study to show thyself approved unto GOD,
a workman that needs not to  be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of Truth."
(2 Timothy 2:15)

Then See (2 Timothy 3:16)        ;-)

In HIS Love, For Sharpening!  Always!!!


This topic is much deeper than what meets the eyes. Don't be fooled by something that started only about ~100 years ago on Azusa street.

Again, this topic is delicate. But Scripture tells you to go into your private chamber/closet (Matthew 6:6-8) and to pray there in secret.;&version=48;

It - The Scriptures (not once) says to speak in a tongue that Satan will not understand. This is man's doing, and in most cases goes against Scripture (1 Corinthians 14:27-28, 37-38).

* Many churches do not have anyone to Interpret, and many churches/pastors, etc., tell the congregation (as a whole) to speak audibly (which is usually more than 2 or 3 persons), again with no Interpreter. 2014:27-28,%2037-38&version=50

Also, Don't be fooled, (Romans 8:26 - "groanings which cannot be uttered").;&version=48;

To utter, means to send forth as a sound/proceed out of the mouth/or in simple, to speak! Read the verse closely again!

The information below, seems like it needs to be glanced at.
"Groanings" can be done with the Mouth Completely Shut. It is a Fact! Cries of Pain, are usually done with the mouth open. Please also, take a look at the Greek reference to "cannot be uttered" listed in (Romans 8:26).

* Similiar entries from other scholars can be found, but for now, I will just list the most commonly used reference (Strong's Concordance, with Greek Lexicon/Definitions).

It is reference # G215 in the Strongs Concordance.

From G1 (as a negative particle) and a derivative of G2980; unspeakable: - unutterable, which cannot be uttered.

To me, to speak in a "New" Tongue, is to speak differently once The Holy Spirit takes control of your life. Speaking with Our Heavenly Father's Love at the center of our words. With no more Cursing / Cussing, wishing Hatred or bad things, etc., on another.

In Short:
"For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks!" (Matthew 12:33-37, with emphasis on verse 34, and Luke 6:45, James 3:10-18) 37,%20Luke%206:45,%20James%203:10-18;&version=48;

It is for Our Heavenly Father to cast Final Judgment, and condemnation.

"e g e l l o c". Did I just speak in Tongues, or simply spell "College" backwards?


I think (and from experience also), that first we can not limit "GOD" (Elohiym). If HE/HIS (in whatever manner HE Chooses) decides to communicate to us, or through us... "HE Can!" Just ask the Donkey & Ba'laam that spoke in (Numbers 22:28-38) 38;&version=49;

So usually, When YHWH "The LORD" chooses to speak to us/and or through us, sometimes it can be unconventional (not the normal). But at the same time, it is always for Edification/growth, and of Power - for some point of information to get across "in understanding".


If I come to a Country, where I have never spoken that particular "Language", (and I do not know it), yet the people there needed strong witnessing in areas of Truth, or areas of reproof, correction, and/or instruction; then I would Pray to Our Heavenly Father to provide a way to help these people (all to HIS Glory). This is when Miracles (whether how small or how big) can happen in this area.

1. Sometimes, there could be a provision of a person that speaks my language, and that also speaks their language as well. This person can be an Interpreter for The Gospels Sake (including the "Good / Important Knews" about Our Heavenly Father and HIS Gift to us - The Messiah; along with the opportunity & responsibility that comes) to go forth. The Words of "GOD" (Elohiym) to be made known unto those in need.

2. On the other hand. Many of the things that you see on TV, just do not line up with The Inspired Scriptures of Elohiym ("GOD"). Some people use certain things as a gimmick. "Some" people go to class to learn how to speak in "unknown" tongues (by man, and not of YHWH). This can be deceitful, and in some cases, a trick of the enemy (in confusion).

The Passage of Scripture in (1 Corinthians Chapters 12-14) deals with Gifts of The Holy Spirit. This passage of Scripture was written so that we would not be ignorant of those things mentioned.

(1 Corinthians 12:1, 14:37-38) - Click Below! 2012:1,%2014:37-38;&version=48;

It is all about "Edification". And it is all about "HIS" Love & Charity towards another.

(1 Corinthians 14:12, 26) - Click Below! 2014:12,%2026;&version=48;

The main comparison in (1 Corinthians 14) deals between Speaking in Tongues, and Prophesying.

What it is saying is: If an unlearned person comes in (seeking / striving to know more about the Gospel & or "GOD"), and can not understand what is being spoken. How will that person be effected? And how will that person learn/grow?

(1 Corinthians 14:7-11) - Click Below! 2014:7-11;&version=8;

But if the person comes in, and One/Two brothers or sisters are led by Our Heavenly Father's Spirit to witness, or help that person in some manner. They would first have to find out what that person's needs are. This can be done with an Interpreter, and or Interpretation from the person led by Our Heavenly Father; this, to communicate with that person on an intimate level (showing concern & love/charity of a kind heart, which is what Chapter 13 Talks about!) Basically walking in the areas that represent "GOD" (YHWH & HIS) in good fashion by letting HIS light shine through their actions.

* Two or Three people in a conversation are always better to witness, and or help; just incase something might go wrong. Then it is not one persons word against another. So then, this is an area of Wisdom to communicate with/by 2 or 3. A person can also be thrown off, or intimidated by a large group. Usually it is easier for a person to open up with personal things/feelings and or concerns when there is only 1 or 2 people present.
True Worship is a Lifestyle; and Our Lifestyle should honor "GOD" (Elohiym - Our Heavenly Father, and HIS).

** It is the same the other way around! What if everyone at a "church" speaks one Language, and the Preacher/Evangelist/other does not speak the same language. How will the people understand him, unless someone interprets?

Which brings us to this... "Prophesying!"

If a Preacher, Evangelist, or some other that is walking in YHWH's Spirit for Ministry purposes, comes to a church (ekklesia - called out ones, assembly, religious congregation, popular meeting), for a Specific purpose. The people that attend, are attending for a purpose also! Not just for fellowship to look at one another; but to hear The Word of "GOD" to manifest in their lives. How do they know that this new person is for real? Why should they listen to him/her? They already believe in the Word of "GOD", but they might not know a Divine (in the now/new) word from HIM for a specific purpose. The congregation, or individuals could be in the need for revival, or need encouragement, or need some personal touch by YHWH in their lives at this time for direction. The church could need forewarning of something, and or of some specific danger. But, Why should they take this new guy serious?

One reason is, to Prophesy from YHWH; HIS Words that are True! Our Heavenly Father knows whats done in Secret, and knows whats going to happen in the future. In both cases... Believers will be effected! Sometimes Our Heavenly Father/HIS uses Prophesy to make known things that others simply would not know.

Again, This is where Prophesy can come in to play. Where others that "Believe" can be effected for change, and or for a specific purpose!

Here is a Definition for such an act.

proph-e-sy (profi-si)v. proph-e-sied (-sid). proph-e-sy-ing (-siing). proph-e-sies (-siz).v. tr.
1. To reveal by divine inspiration.
2. To predict with certainty as if by divine inspiration: prophesied the coming war. See Synonyms at foretell.

3. To prefigure; foreshow.v. intr.
-1. To reveal the will or message of God.
-2. To predict the future as if by divine inspiration.
-3. To speak as a prophet.
[Middle English prophecien, from Old French prophecier, from prophecie, prophecy. See PROPHECY.]--proph'e-si'er n.

Excerpted from American Heritage Talking Dictionary
Copyright © 1997 The Learning Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

proph-e-sy (profi-si). To give a sign or warning of.

v.presage, predict, promise, harbinger, portend, prophesy, threaten, bode, forewarn, forebode, adumbrate, augur, betoken, foretoken, forecast, foreshadow, foretell, indicate, omen, prognosticate, vaticinate. To make known the future by or as if by supernatural power. v.prophesy, augur, call, divine, forecast, foretell, forewarn, predict, prognosticate, presage, portend, adumbrate, vaticinate.

Excerpted from American Heritage Talking Dictionary
Copyright © 1997 The Learning Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Both Speaking in Tongue (language), and Prophesying are needed (but also remember that Prophesying can be done in Tongue(s)/other Language(s), if there be an Interpreter (or gift of Interpretation) present... This is when it becomes even a greater work).

1. One [Tongue/Language] is to a non-believer (who speaks in a specific "earthly" language), to communicate effectively for proper witness/help.

2. And the other [to Prophesy] is to the believer that needs a specific message from "GOD". A Specific Message from "GOD" can be meant for a group that does not speak your language. This is when to Prophesy & Speaking in Tongues/Their understandable Language, that it can come in handy (being able to Interpret, and or understand what is being said!)

(1 Corinthians 14:13-19) - Click Below! 2014:13-19;&version=48;

13. Therefore let him that speaketh in an unknown [The word "unknown" here was later added by man to represent an "earthly" language that was not known by the individual, but this very word "unknown" was not actually in the original Scriptures] tongue pray that he may interpret.

14. For if I pray in an unknown [The word "unknown" here was later added by man to represent an "earthly" language that was not known by the individual, but this very word "unknown" was not actually in the original Scriptures] tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful.

* This is to say: His words will not be understood by others that he is speaking to in the process! Or, if he is repeating words that he does not know... He will not understand what he is saying! Therefore, in both cases, it is unfruitful! - (Unproductive/un-edifying, not gaining any value)

15. What is it then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also; I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.

16. Else, when thou shalt bless with the spirit, how shall he that occupieth the room of the unlearned say "Amen" at thy giving of thanks, seeing he understandeth not what thou sayest?

17. For thou verily givest thanks well, but the other is not edified.

18. I thank my God that I speak with tongues more than ye all.

* Paul's reference is to "other" foreign "earthly" languages. He was a learned man (went to school/raised as a Pharisee, knowing Hebrew, Greek, etc.,).

19. Yet in the church I would rather speak five words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown [The word "unknown" here was later added by man to represent an "earthly" language that was not known by the individual, but this very word "unknown" was not actually in the original Scriptures] tongue.

Another version of the above listed Scripture (worth taking a look at!):
Click Below! 2014:13-19;&version=45;

I hope the information above makes sense to those that took the time to read it. May Our Heavenly Father get the Glory!

For Sharpening!

In HIS Love,


Bro. Ron Quarterman

Church of The Firstborn
                                                         - Hebrews 12:23
Please  know,  (As  One  Studies, You  will  find)  that  the  letter  "J"  did  not  enter  into  the  English  Alphabet  until  roughly  less than  ~ 500  years  ago,  around  the  ~   16th   Century.  It  was  the  Last  Letter  to  be  added  into  The  English  Language!    Also,  That   the   name   "Jesus" comes from the Greek name "IESOUS" - (which has a lot of controversy surrounding it!)

"IESOUS" is supposed to come from the Hebrew word/Name  - "YaHushua" / "YaHusha".

Therefore,  it  is  the  Authors  "wish"  that  you  recognize  -  "YaHushua" / "YaHusha".
(Correctly "translated" ----   [not transliterated] into English  = "Joshua") as the name intended throughout this outline, which (through research and Prayer) most accurately represents the closest name of our Messiah when He walked this earth.

The name "Jesus" comes up on some of the Modern Day Scripture links throughout this outline, and is kept do to the commonality of it's usage; but  it  is  really  considered  more of   a   mis- used   nick- name.   Each   time   you   see   that   name,   please   register
"YaHushua" / "Yahusha", (YHWH Saves / Saved) as the most appropriate name for Him.  For almost ~ 1600 years after He (The Messiah) walked the earth, he was not called "Jesus"
- (in Prayer, or anything else).

-     When  the  name  was  transliterated  from  the  Hebrew,  it  lost  it's  meaning!

Do The Research For Yourself!   (Don't Just take my word for it!)

Also, while we are speaking on the Names; it is the Authors wish that you recognize YHWH, as the name intended here (also one of the most accurate names) for Our Heavenly Father.

Shortened Version - YaH (As in Psalms 68:4),
Or in the Phrase "The  Highest  Praise Be To YaH!" - "HalleluYaH" / (Alleluia - Revelations 19)

For Outline Purposes, you might see the word "GOD", or the words  "The LORD" here; again because of the Commonality of  it's  usage!  I do Recognize HIM as The Supreme "Elohiym" (Or The Mighty "El"), and as The LORD of Lords! (Ruler/Master of Rulers/Masters).

Although no one can truly say/pronounce HIS name besides "I AM THAT I AM", or "Hayah Asher Hayah" [English-Hebrew] in (Exodus 3:14).  In (Exodus 6:3), most might actually see HIS name as JEHOVAH, or "The LORD" in most of  today's Bibles, but the word/Letters that were actually there, and Should be there now are "YHWH" called the TetragrammatonAnd Since the Letters "E", "O", "A" (vowels) were added, and the letters "J", and "V" Did Not Exist in The English Language At The Time!  I choose to use a closer name version here - "YaHuaH" or "YaHWeH" (from YHWH) - adding 0 to 2 letters (for pronunciation purposes), instead of Five!  You might see during this Outline that I chose to use either above or "YHWH" plainly many times instead of "The LORD", or "GOD" (which are plug-ins, in the Bibles that we read today).

Either way, Our Heavenly Father searches our Hearts to see what's in there.  Whether ignorant of certain things, or not, HE will search our Hearts!  The Scriptures do have a lot of emphasis on HIS Name; and The Holy Scriptures also tell us to Study to show ourselves approved...  Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth!   -------   I am striving to do that!   -------  Are you doing the same...?

For More / Deeper Understanding about HIS or His Name in Scripture:

In HIS Love,  Bro. Ron Quarterman
.Click Here!